Thursday, 11 August 2011

AO Hymns - He Leadeth Me

Here I am at the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year and I have FINALLY started a project I had in mind for last year's school year!  What I'm doing is recording the hymns for the school year so that I can play them during our family worship time each morning.

Thanks to the Cyber Hymnal for use of their midi files, which I edited just to change the tempo & make fully piano (no organ) (Isn't it so nice that they let people use their files?!).  Then, I added my voice and voila!  Family hymn practice MP3s at no cost!

Here is the link to my homemade MP3 for He Leadeth Me.  Just download and you're set to go.  Please, no harsh comments - remember I'm just a Mom, not a professional (and my good microphone is packed away - we just moved)!  Also, as to copyright - I'm happy for others to use this recording of my voice for private, educational, or church use.  Beyond that, please contact me.  Thanks! 

Do let me know, however, if you would like to see more AO hymns, and if you're interested in more harmonies.  If this is popular, I'll keep it up and maybe expand the harmonies.  And if anyone is a great pianist & would like to provide real live piano recordings in the future, let me know!

Oh, I would also recommend printing out the sheet music for He Leadeth Me.  I suggest one copy per reading member of your family so everyone can follow along.  Here is the history, too, if you're interested. 

Link to MP3 He Leadeth Me (AO's hymn for September):