Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My Favorite Home Education Resources

For those of you who have asked...  here it is!  My favorite homeschooling resources! 

Best overall book (to see if you want to home educate):  When Children Love to Learn

Main curriculum site (I follow this to the letter where possible - though for some things you choose your own program, like math): (at least keep this on file for the excellent book lists)
(you can also read all of Charlotte Mason's books for free here, which I super highly recommend)

Free audio books:

Right Start Math (This is an EXCELLENT program!!!!!  If you use a different program, at least get the Math Games set for math facts practice, since flash cards turn most children off to math.): (We started slowly in level B in Kindergarten.)

Nature Study (4-6 hours a day outside in good weather for children 9 & under was Charlotte Mason's recommendation!):

Spanish: Rosetta Stone

Art resources:  (look at Sketch Tuesday, too)

I like how this mom does things:  (especially look at her early reading lessons!!)

Reading Lessons (your library might have this):

Phonics & Spelling (most comprehensive program out there, IMHO):

Science (not doing this quite yet, planning to start with Astronomy soon):

Free Handwriting Worksheets:

I recommend teaching children cursive first, for a multitude of reasons!  BUT get the teacher's manual for Handwriting Without Tears K for lots of hands-on ideas for introducing children to writing in a tactile manner.  I've not used the cursive first curriculum yet, but am planning to with my second child.  I didn't know how important it was to start with cursive when I did print with my first child, using Handwriting Without Tears. 
Cursive First:
Handwriting Without Tears:

Another great resource following Charlotte Mason's philosophy: (also has some great free e-books)

Good for the booklist:

Get books about musicians by Opal Wheeler at Zeezok Publisher, online.

Other good sites to see how they do things (not Charlotte Mason, though)
Veritas Press (classical -  I've heard good things about their reading program)

For ordering almost anything home school related:  Rainbow Resources (free shipping $150 + orders)

That's all, folks!