Friday, 8 March 2013

All My Charlotte Mason Reading Posts... In One Place

I decided to put all 7 of my posts on Charlotte Mason's suggestions on Pre-reading and Reading Lessons in one document.  Here it is - a google document about 30-some pages long that you can easily print out for reference if you like.  Hopefully some day I'll format it more formally & more usefully into some sort of e-book.  But for now, here is something you can use if you wish.

:)  Jen

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My Song is Love Unknown - AO's January Hymn

I LOVE the hymn this month!  I sang this a few times while we were in England, and am so glad that it showed up on the Ambleside Online hymn rotation!  I must admit - my recording ( for my family does not do it justice at all!  Definitely listen to some of the YouTube videos sung by English choirs - they are gorgeous. 

I suggest printing out the words separately from the PDF of the full score, since there don't seem to be any copies of the two together on the Web for free.  However, it's such a beautiful poem you will probably want to read it as such anyway! 

Thanks to Cyber Hymnal for their midi file, edited & used in my recording according to their fair use policy.  Don't forget to print the words from their site for each reading member of your family, as well as the PDF if you want to play it on your piano. 

St. Martin's Choir (with words!):
Well's Cathedral Choir:
King's College, Cambridge:
Irish arrangement, 1 note is off but not a huge deal:
Different tune, Fernando Ortega:

Copyright:  I claim copyright for my voice on the recording.  Please feel free to download & use for personal, educational, or church use!  Any commercial or other uses, please contact me.  Please ask if you would like to put any of my music on your website.  Thanks!