Sunday, 30 October 2011

He Hideth My Soul (AO Hymn - November 2011)

Here is Ambleside Online's November 2011 hymn!  He Hideth My Soul is a hymn I remember singing every summer at Paisano, the Southern Baptist church camp my family has attended for at least 6 generations.  Compared to the operatic baritone leading a tabernacle full of people and accompanied by an organ and piano, I did not do this song justice - but I did my best with the basic recording equipment that I have!  Thanks again to CyberHymnal for use of their midi files (based on the public domain hymn score), which I edited for the accompaniment.

As usual, this recording is essentially public domain.  Feel free to use it for private, educational or church uses.  For any other uses, please contact me first.

Also, here is a link to a good You Tube version of this (with words!).  I still recommend printing & reading from the music, instead of relying on an overhead, since that builds music reading skills.  However, many busy moms don't have time or a passion about that.  Here it is:

Best wishes!
:)  Jen

LINK to Hymn: