Monday, 4 June 2012

Rock of Ages - AO June Hymn

Here is my recording of Rock of Ages*, the Ambleside Online June 2012 hymn:

Thanks, Cyber Hymnal for the midi file of the music!
(Don't forget to print out your PDF - this month it has words with it!  Have all your children who can read follow along with the sheet music to aid in their musical development!

I hope you enjoy learning it - it's one of my favorite hymns. 

You Tube Links:

Acapella Choral with Words (truly beautiful):
 Contemporary singer, very nice (no words):

Acoustic guitar, country version (good, but he plays with the melody slightly, so don't sing along to this one):

 * As usual, this is my voice!  I claim copyright for my singing.  Please don't copy it for commercial use or other internet distribution without my permission.  Feel free, though, to download the hymn for private, educational, or church use.  Thanks so much!