Sunday, 4 November 2012

Anywhere With Jesus - AO's November 2012 Hymn

This month's hymn is another new one for me, personally.  It has an old-fashioned style, but the words ring true.  Here is my homemade recording of Anywhere with Jesus: (just download from Google Drive).

We follow Ambleside Online's Hymn Schedule here.  Thank you to Cyber Hymnal for use of their midi file, as allowed by their fair-use guidelines.  I also recommend printing out their PDF for each reading member of your family - this month words are with the music! 

Here are a few YouTube links.  This must be a favorite from the variety of versions out there!:

AO's recommendation (a capella congregation):

Just words on the screen with a lovely piano accompaniment:

Country (very professional; not exact to notes of hymn, so don't learn from this):

Gospel Style (also professional, not the best quality, again not exact to notes of hymn):

Upbeat with lots of motions (VBS version) - I had to put this on because I think my kids will like this:

Copyright:  I claim copyright for my voice on the recording, but I'm happy for anyone to download it for private, educational, or church use.  Any commercial use, please contact me.  If you want to use it on your blog or other website, please contact me.  Thanks!