Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I Stand Amazed in the Presence: AO's July Hymn

This month's recording of I Stand Amazed in the Presence brought me back to my Southern Baptist Bible camp background.  I did not do this soft and gentle - I did it strong & quick.  This is the way I learned it every summer attending our family's summer vacation tradition, Paisano Family Encampment.  Organ & Piano playing together, worship leader belting it from the pulpit in full operatic baritone.  Actually, I wanted to belt it out with lots of vibrato, but my microphone couldn't handle that - so I sang normally, LOL!  (Most of you will probably appreciate that.)

Speaking of Tempo, this is actually the tempo that is suggested for this hymn!  In today's "traditional" churches (and especially in "contemporary" worship during the once in a while that they do play a hymn), we tend to sing hymns MUCH slower than they were intended.  Most hymns are not supposed to be dirges.  I personally like them at the suggested original pace, and I believe children especially like them better at that faster tempo, too.  I try to make all the hymn recordings the original speed, when one is posted on the public domain sheet music (which is most of the time).

Thanks again to Cyber Hymnal for their midi file which I modified for the accompaniment, within their fair use terms.  Don't forget to print their hymn sheet PDF!   And as always thanks to Ambleside Online for their wonderful hymn suggestions. 

You Tube links:
Contemporary, country-ish version with solos & choir:

Brass version:

If you're a Chris Tomlin fan, he has a version on YouTube, too.

Unfortunately, none of the You Tube links are really great for singing along with.  I couldn't fine anything online that included all 5 verses.  If you find something you like with with words on the screen & a good singer/accompaniment, please post it in the comments!  Thanks!  

PS - I claim copyright for my voice on this recording.  If you are using this for personal, educational, or church use you are free to download & copy it; however, please contact me if you would like to use it for any commercial purposes.  Please do not post my recordings on your blog without permission; a link to my site is preferred.  Thanks!


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