Saturday, 1 September 2012

Getting Ready for Hymn Study this year & For All the Saints

What a beautiful hymn is September's For All the Saints!  Here is my homemade recording:  I hope you enjoy it!  Thanks to Cyber Hymnal for use of the midi file in the accompaniment (which I use according to their fair use guidelines).  There are eleven verses (whew!) but it goes quickly.  It's worth it to take time to consider the words. 

Here are You Tube links:
With Words on Screen:
Beautiful British version:

We enjoy following Ambleside Online's hymn schedule during the year for our morning worship time as a family.  I print out the PDF files of each hymn from Cyber Hymnal's website (although this month's does not contain the words, so I print those out separately), copy for each reading member of our family, and use during our hymn time every morning.  They also usually have a short description of the hymn and the author. 

Here are the PDFs I am printing out this year (when they don't have words, I print the words separately):
Sept: For All the Saints: (no words)
Oct: For the Beauty of the Earth: (no words)
Nov:  Anywhere with Jesus:
Dec:  Praise God to Whom all Blessings Flow: Jan: My Song is Love Unknown: 
Feb:  This is My Father's World:
Mar:   Ah, Holy Jesus: 
Apr: Count Your Blessings: 
May: All Creatures of Our God & King:  
June: Lo, He Comes with Clouds Descending: 
July:  Holy, Holy Holy:,%20Holy,%20Holy.pdf 
Aug:  Sun of My Soul:

For the PDFs without words, please let me know if you happen to find a different source somewhere with the words in addition to the music!  I would love to be able to share with everyone.  :)  I personally have a few hymnals we can pull from - but I'm sure not everyone has hymnals just lying around their house!  (Thank you, used book sales!)  

Copyright:  I claim copyright for the voice on all of my recordings.  However, you may feel free to use them for private, educational, or church use.  Please contact me if you would like to use them for any for-profit endeavor.  Also, please ask permission to play on your website (you may always link to the recording, if you like).

:)  Jen


  1. Thanks, Jen! The little girls and I really liked singing along with your recording last month.