Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Support Cub Scouts!

My son, who is a Wolf Cub this year in the Scouts, decided he wanted to go all out this year with his popcorn sales - he has been out selling in neighborhoods for the past 6 weeks and working really hard at it. I promised I'd post this online sales link in case any of my friends would like to support him, the scouts, and possibly our troops.


Cub/Boy Scouts was the most positive secular influence in my husband's life during his childhood.  We strongly believe in the great work they do with life skills and character formation in youth. So it's a great cause to support!  Plus, if you want to support another great cause in the process, you can buy popcorn for our troops and the scouts will deliver it to military bases and ships all over the world as encouragement to them.

[Disclaimer - if you're looking for cheap popcorn, this is not the place to get it. The purchase is basically a donation to support the Scouts and you get some popcorn out of the deal. :) ]

Use the link above and the sale will be credited to my son's account. He is getting very close to hitting his sales goal - if he hits it, then the Scouts open a college savings account for him which will receive 6% of all of his proceeds! 

Or if you live locally, contact us & we can show you the local sales sheet & hand deliver it to you, so you won't pay for shipping.

These sales will enable my son's "pack" to do educational projects, service, & fun activities this year.  Some of it will also go to "headquarters" to support the administration of the Scouts. 

Thanks for thinking about it!  
:)  Jen

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